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Std Panel - Phoenix STD-SS
This is the standard 26" panel as described on the Linkwitz Lab web site. It uses the
Scan Speak 8554 8" as a midrange and either the Scan Speak 9700 or 9800 tweeter
depending on preference.

From this basic design I created two variations:

Phoenix STD-SSRS

This surround sound version is the same as the STD-SS but substituting a
Scan Speak 9500 for the front tweeter and adding another SS 9500 in a rear
firing configuration. Each tweeter is wired separately out to binding posts allowing
the rear tweeter to be driven by a separate amplifier. The rear tweeter signal is derived by
adding a 5K control tapping the tweeter output and provides level adjustment to balance
the rear tweeter signal. These panels can therefore be operated as modified dipoles
with the rear tweeter turned off to full dipoles with the rear tweeter fully active.

Phoenix STD-SVRV

This is another surround version, I am using for the rear center channels.
It is a more modified version of the STD-SS in that is uses the SS 9500
tweeter for front firing but instead uses the Vifa P21W-20-08 for its midrange.
It also has a rear firing tweeter arrange and uses a Vifa D27TG-45.