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Dave Reite  -- Project Phoenix
'To my knowledge, Dave is the first person who built Project Phoenix and has
the system running since late summer of 2000. Dave built the standard panels and
standard Phoenix woofer, later adding a second Phoenix woofer cabinet. In December
of 2000, he also built the first protype non-active x-over panel that is described on
the Linkwitz Lab's sitet. Dave has graciously allowed me to post many of the pictures
he has taken, to this site.  ---- Jim McDougall'

Dave's comments

Thanks Jim for constructing a very nice web page, and thanks for posting
all the photos of my speaker system.
Also a big Thank You to Siegfried Linkwitz for making the design available
to the DIY community and providing the printed circuit cards.
(second that remark! -- Jmcd)

I constructed my system over the course of a few months early last
year.  The woodworking is relatively easy, and they came out rather well
considering my garage is a long way from the New Yankee Workshop.  A little
pre-stain wood conditioner to bring out the color and grain, followed by a
couple of coats of polyurethane.  The active crossovers are mounted in a
Sescom enclosure and feed four channels of my Carver AV705 for the main
panels, and two channels of my Sunfire amp for the dipole woofers.  You'll
notice that I constructed a second set of woofers which sit on top of the
originals.  A nice, fairly inexpensive addition which gives extra headroom
for the low end and seems to even out bass even more.  I used the Madisound
1252DVC drivers for the woofers and the Scan-Speak 9700 tweeters instead the
9800 which Mr. Linkwitz used.
The Phoenix is the finest speaker system I have heard to date.  Excellent
resolution from top to bottom, and imaging and dynamics that surpass all
others.  Room integration is easier compared to a conventional speaker
setup because of reduced mode excitation.  Any modes that still exist can
be tamed with the optional filters available on the circuit cards.  All in
all a superior design that when realized will provide you with years of
musical enjoyment.
If you take the plunge you won't be disappointed.
Feel free to contact me with any questions/observations about the system.
Dave Reite.