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Phoenix Panels
Construction Sequence

The following are sequences I used to build Phoenix. Some steps may not apply depending
on the type of finish being used

All Panel Sizes

The following is the sequence I followed in building the panels.

Step 1  - Cut rebates using circle cutter and router

Step 2 - Cut circles out with circle cutter and router

Step 3 (optional) - Drill top or bottom pieces for attachments (rope, eyebolts etc) I drilled and mounted
     Screw type T-nuts for this.

Step 4 - Mount top/bottom pieces

Step 5 - Attach sides

Step 5b(Elite HT only) - Attach vertical braces

Step 6 - Spray hole areas with black paint, also back of panel if desired

Step 7 - Sand surfaces

Step 8 - Veneer.

Step 9 - Stain

Step 10 - Apply first layers of finish

Step 11 - Cut holes in veneer. (There is less tear-out in cutting the holes through the veneer if
     There is a layer of finish on the veneer.

Step 12 - Assemble the spline (back pieces that hold the woofers in place)

Step 13 - Mark and drill holes for driver venting, also connectors if connectors are to be mounted
     on spline

Step 14 - Spray holes with black paint

Step 15 - Sand spline

Step 16 - Veneer spline (if veneer is to be used on them)

Step 17 - Stain

Step 18 - Apply first finish layers

Step 19 - Cut holes through veneer.

Step 20 - Complete finish on all pieces

Step 21 - Install tile on internal sides of panels

Step 22 - install cushions for mid driver mounting (Poron, neoprene, etc)

Step 23 - Mount connectors and run wiring

Step 24 - Install drivers and connect to wiring

Step 25 - Secure spline