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Tips and Techniques

I used a biscuit joiner and biscuits to assemble all cabinets. I had never used this method before
And after using this for the first time building Phoenix, I can definitely recommend it. If you are going
to do solid wood inlays in the corners, it is the only way.
Dave used a brad nailer in his construction and as long as you do not need to route into the wood
afterwards. This is quick way to secure wood together. Screwing is a long tedious process with these
cabinets and would only do it this way because of a lack of either of the above equipment.


I used two methods of attaching the veneer and found the following.
With  the wood glue method I had both success and failure. It worked well on the small panels and the splines. It did not work well on the big panels and the Phoenix woofer cabinets. (understatement)

I used contact cement of the last 4 Original woofers and the splines for the Elite panels.
To get an even coat, I used a foam touch up roller (4" wide) to apply the contact cement. This
worked very well.


For any hand sanding, use a wooden block not a commercial sanding pad. The commercial ones,
because of the felt/rubber pad will round the edges which can cause problems.