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4-way Panel - Phoenix Grand HT
This is the Grand derivation of the STD Panel. Starting with the STD Panel, I added
2 - 10" Scan Speak 8565 lower midranges both above and below the 8" drivers.
Total speaker compliment per panel is 1-SS 9700, 2-SS 8554, 4-SS 8565.

To lift the tweeter to center screen and provide structural support an additional 16"
was added below the bottom lower midrange. In addition the back spline was
thickened by an additonal 3/4". The overall panel height including base plates
is 86 1/4".

In order to support the 4-way design, in conjunction with Mr. Linkwitz, I was able
to modify the existing 3-way board through the addition of a second 3-way board,
into a full 4-way active x-over, with x-over points at 90,300 and 1440 Hz.