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Phoenix Woofer
The published Phoenix Woofer is a cabinet that holds two 12" woofers. From this
I designed a cabinet that holds 4- 12" drivers. I suspected that the 2-12" cabinet
would not just provide enough drive and through the gracious comments from
"Davey" who was one of if not the very first builder to finish a Poenix project, he
confirmed that suspicion

Phoenix Woofer - PW4V1

PW4V1 is the first 4 woofer cabinet design. As implemented it uses 4 - Gefco X6100
drivers. One thing to note is that to make driver installation more manageable, I made
the center back panel removable to provide access to both sides of the drivers.

Phoenix Woofer - PW4V2

To bring the fronts up the full Elite status, I plan on building a second pair 4-12" driver
cabinets. It will be similar to the PW4V1 design but with a slight change of bracing
strategy to make contruction and finishing less troublesome.