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Original Woofer
There is drawing on the Linkwitz site of his original concept designs which
were used as the basis for some of the Audio Artistry line. The woofer intrigued
me because of  the apparent slim width. Since there was a metric scale in the
drawing, I captured the image and importing it into Designer(CAD software),
I manipulated the image until I could generate a set of cabinet measurements.
I ended up off about 1/2" on the cabinet depth according to S.L The result is
what I will call PW-O1V1


This narow profile woofer (external - 11 1/2" wide, 20 1/2" deep and 28 1/2" high)
is an ideal size to use in the surround and rear channel applications. As a dipole
woofer it an be located fairly close to the wall and has minmal protrusion into the
room. Used for this purpose the 2-12" configuration provides more than adequate
power handling.

Internally to get the narrow profile, the baffle is mounted at a 45 degree angle. I
added my own kick here and built the cabinet in such a way that the baffle is
not secured to any part of the outer cabinet. Rather it is suspended in
silcone sealer on all four sides. The compact size of the cabinet does not allow
for elaborate bracing, so I chose to kill the problem at the souce by preventing
as much baffle energy as possible from being transmitted the the cabinet itself.
In addition the cabinet is lined with commercial grade floor tile to increase the
mass and inertness of the cabinet. The 1 1/2" base plate also helps in this regard.

To balance the sound from the woofers, they are mounted reverse to one another.