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Vented Subs The Sisters
Since this was a Home Theater project, there was the issue of the LFE channel.
While I built the Phoenix components to have an accurate sound, I wanted something
that would add a heavy hit for the LFE channel. Since I had a pair of JBL 2205A's woofers
hanging around, I decided to build pair of Subs with them. The result is The Sisters. These
are 2.5 cubic foot cabinets built of 1 1/2" MDF and twin ported. One is turned to 60 Hz
and the other to 50 Hz.

The reason this are tuned so high is because they already have a Step-Sister.
This one which is yet to be refinished to match is a 4.75 cu. ft. cabinet housing
a twin ported JBL 2234 turned to 40 Hz.

All three subs are equalized using a custom homebuilt 4 channel equalizer using the
Machand Electric's "Bassis" boards. The Sisters use 1 channle each while two channels
are daisey chained for the Step Sister