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Jim's Amplfiers
The start of the front amplifier.

Five amplifier boards and parts         Bud Chassis                 Inner chassis' markup
Cut, drilled and painted                  Heatsinks mounted                   rear panel drilled and painted

Front of main unit                                               Back of Main unit
Top View - Center x-over in bottom                  Back open showing PM21 boards mounted
L&R x-overs mount in space above center      smaller sub-chassis is sitting on top with two boards
x-over. vertical barrier strips is the star             Open slots in main and sub-chassis are for PM124 amp
ground connection. Horizontal are power         boards (4) for woofers
supply connections



              picture to come, built with 1 x 35v installed

PS1 for Front Amp 1x15V + 2 x 35V                       PS2 for Front Amp 1 x 35V + 2 x 65V


Amplifier with Power Supplies Back and Front Views (will try to get better picture of front)

Still have 2 power supplies to install in PS2 rack for front amp

Back amplifier will come later -- it is almost a mirror of the front except it will not use the PM124 boards,
only 8 PM21 boards and will use 1 power supply rack unit instead of two -- a clone of the above pictured
PS1 rack unit.