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Jim McDougall  --  Project Phoenix HT
In the early spring of 2000, I decided that it was time to build a new set of speakers,
in fact a total home theater system as I was becoming more dedicated to the
home theater environment and had repaired an Electrohome Projector that had
been scrapped where I work.

After perusing the net and reading the various discussions on the Madisound Board,
I followed a link on it to Linkwitz Lab and read through the information on the
site at that time. I found that Mr. Linkwitz's philosophy dovetailed with mine
and based on experiences over the years felt that his design would meet the
sound requirements I had in mind.  The only problem was upscaling
and downscaling the design to fill the needs of an 8 speaker Home
Theater setup. Using the Audio Artistry models as an example, I scaled
up the Basic Panel to what I call the Elite HT and also scaled it down
to a mini panel which you can now see a design for albeit with les expensive
drivers on the Linkwitz Lab site. Using Mr. Linkwitz's comments I also set out
to try a panel type with the Vifa woofers.

 From the basic Phoenix design, with Mr. Linkwitz's help I was able
to adapt the x-over boards for use in a 4-way system as well as the smaller
mini panel.  I also tried to reverse engineered the original woofer from the sketch
on the website.  It is close (1/2") difference on depth but I tried a different approach
to the baffle mounting. (see pictures).

The links to the left describe the various variations that are nearing the end of construction.